How To Tell When It's Time To Change The Carpet In Your Car Or Truck

Did you know that the carpet under the floor mats in your car can deteriorate over time and have to be replaced? Even if you used a full set of floormats to protect the carpet, there are additional problems to be on the lookout for. If the carpet in your car isn't in good shape, you risk both your safety and your car's value. Luckily, replacing the carpet is rather simple, so if any of the following conditions apply, it's time to find a carpet kit and replace your car's carpet.

You Used Your Old One as a Floormat

The main problem that can require changing the carpet is simply that you had no floormats and used the carpet as the floormat instead. After years of soggy shoes resting on the carpet on rainy and snowy days, debris scratching up the carpet as you moved your feet around, and the resulting potential mildew issues, the carpet can end up rather compressed and threadbare. This looks terrible, no matter how much you vacuum it. This is a situation in which you want to replace the carpet and then get a new set of floormats as well.

Your Pets Sat on It a Little Too Much

If you have dogs that regularly travel with you (or even cats -- it does happen), their excitement over going on a trip can have them jumping around a bit before you get them into their harnesses, and that can scratch up the carpet. If you've got pets that like to try to stay on the floor instead of getting up on the seat, too, they can end up leaving pet hairs, scratches, and drool on the carpet if they kick up the floormats. Even well-behaved pets can eventually have a detrimental effect.

Cleaning Isn't Getting Rid of That Smell

If the carpet smells, replace it. You can try cleaning it, but if the smell recurs again and again, don't waste your time with additional cleanings -- just get a new carpet kit.

It's Frayed, and That Could Be Serious

If the carpet is simply old, so it's clean but frayed, and the frayed part is not covered by a floormat, that could be a problem. Depending on how big the frayed part is, if it's peeling up, and whether it's by the driver's feet, the frayed part could interfere as the driver tries to move his or her foot between the gas and brake. The problem is compounded if the driver is wearing shoes with lots of embellishments, like sandals. That's one time when you need to get the new carpet as soon as possible.

Carpet kits are available in different colors and sizes, so finding the right one for your vehicle should be easy. If you have a much older vehicle or one that has a customized interior, there are repair and detailing shops that will put together a carpet kit for you. Contact a company like Rich's Custom Upholstery to learn more.