3 Signs You've Found A Great Mechanic

As long as you own a car you will need a mechanic you can trust to help you maintain it. Finding a mechanic you really like can bring you peace of mind and give you confidence in their skills every time you have issues with your vehicle. Here are 3 signs you've found a great mechanic you want to keep going to.

Quick service

A mechanic who can inspect your vehicle within 24 hours of you expressing your concern is one you want to keep around. A mechanic should be able to give you a close time when you can bring your car in and inspect it right away when you get there. After doing so they should give you a print out of their estimate to repair your vehicle with a run-down of your costs. A mechanic who can do this for you takes pride in their work and values your patronage as a customer and will work hard for you to stay as close to their estimate as possible.

Budget conscious

A mechanic who understands you don't have a lot of money to spend will find ways to wok with your budget to repair your car. This can mean giving you an honest opinion about services that can wait versus those that need to be done right away, recommending reputable mechanics who can do the work a bit cheaper, or even allowing you to do a payment plan. A mechanic who values your budget will not be pushy or insist on work to be done that you just can't afford, and will not pressure you into making financial decisions you aren't ready for.


You want to choose a mechanic who has experience with many car maladies, including transmission problems, head gasket, air conditioner, and other issues. Some mechanics even have specialties which they are happy to provide certificates for. You know you have found an excellent mechanic when they can diagnose issues with your car quickly and accurately and provide you the information about what is wrong with it. Bonus points if they actually take you out to the garage to show you the problems rather than just tell you about them.

As you shop for a mechanic for your car's needs, keep prices as well as customer service approaches in mind. You want to choose a company like Professional Automotive you are comfortable with so when you take your car in you know it is in good and reputable hands.