Things Car Owners Should Know About Their Vehicle's Transmission

When your car starts to experience transmission problems, it can be a serious situation that will require prompt attention. While the transmission can be one of the most important parts of your vehicle, you may not know much about these devices. A lack of information can lead to potentially disastrous consequences, which will require you to take steps to improve your understanding about your car's transmission.

What Are The More Frequent Causes Of Transmission Problems?

While you are driving the car, it is possible for the transmission to be subjected to immense stresses. To prevent this from severely degrading or damaging the transmission, routine servicings are necessary to replace the transmission fluid and inspect the various gaskets to ensure they are not leaking. When car owners fail to have their transmissions serviced, it can be a major source of problems and damage, which makes it important for you to closely adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Another potential source of damage to a transmission can be from hauling too much weight for your vehicle. This can cause the transmission to exceed its design limits. When this happens, the metal components of the transmission can become warped, or the gaskets may rupture. Preventing this damage will require you to be aware of the weight limits for your vehicle so that you can avoid exceeding them. It should be noted that the weight-limit recommendations provided by your car's manufacturer likely assume that the vehicle is being operated on a flat road. In situations where you will be driving up a steep hill or mountain, you will want to reduce the weight to account for the additional stress driving uphill will have on the transmission.

Should You Attempt To Repair Your Own Transmission?

For many people, working on their car can be a source of immense satisfaction and entertainment. Not surprisingly, these individuals will often want to perform any repairs that their cars need. However, you should typically avoid attempting major repairs to your transmission. Modern vehicle transmissions are highly complicated, and they will incorporate numerous computer chips. To properly diagnose and repair problems, you will need to be able to interface with the computerized parts of the transmission, and this will require specialized equipment to do. Furthermore, if your vehicle is currently under warranty, you should know that these warranties often exclude the vehicle owner from performing repairs to their transmission. As a result, attempting to repair your transmission without taking it a professional can void your ability to utilize your warranty in the future.

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