Experiencing Car Problems? 4 Signs You've Got A Blown Head Gasket

Summer can wreak havoc on your car, especially if you live in a region that experiences extremely high temperatures. What you might not realize is that those extreme temperatures can pressure to your car, that can lead to a blown head gasket. Unfortunately, blown head gaskets are no laughing matter. Once you have one, you'll need a mechanic to take care of the repairs for you. Luckily, your car has a way of letting you know when the head gasket is blown. Look at the signs described below. If they seem familiar, it's time to get your car to the shop. Don't drive it around with a blown head gasket, or you could destroy your entire engine.

You Smell a Sweet Odor from the Engine

Engine coolant has a sweet odor to it. However, when your car is running properly, you shouldn't be able to smell it from the engine compartment. When the head gasket is blown, coolant begins to flow to places in your engine that it shouldn't. That's when you'll start noticing the sweet odor coming from your engine. If you're smelling the sweet odor of coolant when you walk past your car, call the mechanic.

You're Using a Lot of Coolant

When you have a blown head gasket, you'll start using an excessive amount of coolant. In fact, you might need to refill your coolant reservoir once a day, or even after each trip across town. That's because the coolant is leaking into your engine, which is draining the reservoir quicker than it should. If you're going through coolant at an alarming rate, have your mechanic take a look at it as soon as possible.

Your Car's Overheating

Overheating is no laughing matter, especially when the needle goes all the way into the red zone. In fact, your engine starts experiencing damage as soon as that needle goes into the red. If your car is overheating on a regular basis, or you've experienced a major overheating incident where the needle entered the red zone, and your warning notification came on, it's time to have the head gasket checked.

The Oil is Milky

Once your head gasket is blown, it can't stop the coolant from mixing with your motor oil. Unfortunately, when your oil gets contaminated with coolant, it can't lubricate your car properly. If you've got a blown head gasket, the oil in your car will turn a milky color. It might also look like you have coffee grounds in your oil compartment. If your oil has turned milky or has the appearance of coffee grounds, stop driving your car, and have it towed to the mechanic shop.