Three Reasons To Keep The Original Paint On Your Car When Repairing Hail Damage

Hail can do extreme damage to your vehicle if it's left parked out on the street or if you end up driving through a hail storm. Unfortunately, for this reason, many car owners have to take their vehicles in for hail damage repair once this happens. Typically, hail does so much damage that is ends up scratching the vehicle or leaving dents that can do damage to the paint when they are repaired. This is why one of the last steps for hail damage repair is repainting the vehicle. Here are three reasons you need to keep the original paint when you have this done:

It's Cheaper

You are going to spend a lot more money if you choose to have the whole vehicle repainted a new color instead of singling out the spots that need it the most. This way, the professionals only need to buff out a couple of spots to prime and paint instead of the whole vehicle body. Besides, when the vehicle maintains it's original paint, you can expect that paint to be much more durable than any paint provided by a third party. 

It Maintains Vehicle Value

Believe it or not, but repainting the vehicle completely can actually make your vehicle lose value. This is because when your whole vehicle is repainted, it's generally done with a third party paint that does not have the quality of the original paint and it's going to have to be disclosed if you ever decide to sell or trade in your vehicle. 

It Stays Durable

Finally, your vehicle is going to maintain its durability since the original factory paint is meant to last and it's going to maintain it's shine and appeal every time you have the vehicle washed. Many times, when a vehicle is repainted with third party auto paint, it leads to a higher chance of damage every time you have the vehicle washed. 

When you consider these three reasons to keep the original paint, you can definitely end up saving a ton of money both now and in the long run. When you have the auto hail damage repaired, just be sure that you make it clear you want to use the original factory paint. Keep in mind that the shop may have to order it and then wait to have it shipped, but it is going to be well worth it in the end. 

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