Telltale Symptoms Of A Failing Clutch In A Manual Transmission

Having a vehicle with a manual transmission proves to be beneficial for a lot of reasons, from better fuel efficiency to greater control over the engine. However, just like an automatic transmission, the parts and components in a manual transmission can fail, specifically the clutch. You can definitely have a clutch replaced, but when this part fails, it renders your vehicle pretty much useless. Therefore, it is always best if you can point out signs of a failing clutch so you can get repairs before the thing completely goes out. Here are a few of the most common symptoms of a failing clutch you should know if you have a manual transmission in your vehicle:

You notice a bad odor or the smell of something burning when you drive. 

If you have ever ridden in a vehicle with someone who did not know how to properly drive a manual transmission, you have probably smelled a clutch burning. This telltale stench is associated with riding the clutch too hard, but this odor can also show up when the clutch starts to break down. This happens because certain points of the clutch are getting too hot, which tends to happen when components become worn. 

You have problems with the transmission slipping out of gear. 

When you manually shift the transmission, it should stay put until you manually shift it again. However, if the clutch is going bad, you could notice that the gear will not stay in place and instead slips out of place. This is because the gears of the clutch are worn in such a way that it cannot hold the transmission steady after a shift. Some clutches will slip for a long time before they go completely out, but you can almost guarantee that eventually, you will have to have the clutch replaced when this starts happening. 

You have problems getting the clutch to shift smoothly. 

When the main seals and cylinders around the clutch start to fail, it leaks oil onto the crankshaft and this can prevent the clutch from shifting as smoothly as it should. You may notice a slight jerk when you push the clutch into certain gears and you may even hear slight grinding noises coming from below. Lack of even shifting is easily associated with other problems, but this is definitely a symptom that should signal you to have the clutch checked out by a professional. 

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