3 Reasons Why You Should Always Have At Least One Backup Auto Repair Shop

Most people are loyal to one auto repair shop, and that is great. That is the shop you trust the most, feel the most comfortable taking your vehicle to, and recommend to others. However, you should really consider having at least one backup repair shop you can go to when your favorite repair shop is unavailable. Here are some valid reasons for your consideration.

1. Your Primary Choice of Auto Shops Is Busy for Weeks

It happens. The best shops are in the highest demand. When one of the best shops is your primary choice for repair services, there will be times when you might have to go a week or more without your vehicle because the shop has a massive backlog of work. They may be working as quickly as they can, but to be fair, they still have to complete jobs in the order in which they came into the shop. If you are lucky, they may finish a chunk of that work earlier than expected and can work on your car sooner. If that does not work for you, your second choice in auto repair shops can fix your vehicle and get it back to you sooner.

2. Your Favorite Shop Closes Down

There are any number of reasons why an auto repair shop may close. Maybe the owner retired. Maybe the shop was not getting enough business anymore. Maybe the owner had to file for bankruptcy. Whatever the reason, a shop can close. Since most people can go for months without needing any car repairs, it may even come as a great shock to you that the shop closed when next your vehicle needs repairs. If you have a second favorite repair shop, a backup shop, then you at least know where you can take your vehicle and still have it repaired.

3. Your First Choice Suddenly Becomes Your Last Choice

This happens a lot too; you have a favorite store or business, but something causes you to change your mind and/or your loyalty to the store or shop. New mechanics or a change in ownership can cause an auto repair shop to become a very different place. Dissatisfaction with a previous repair job or accidental damage to your vehicle while it was at the shop can cause a shift in your loyalties too. While most repair shops do what they can to patch their relationships with customers that are disgruntled, and they hope that it never happens, you still need a backup option until things get ironed out between you and the first shop.

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