Questions to Ask When You Call an RV Service

Whether you're at home preparing for a trip or out on the road, knowing that you can turn to an RV service for help maintaining your vehicle is important. Depending upon where you're at, though, you may not have an established relationship with the technicians at a shop. When you're looking around for help, these four questions should be on your mind.

What Services Are Provided?

Especially when prepping a recreational vehicle (RV) for a long road trip, there are a number of systems you'll want to have serviced. It's a good idea, if possible, to have the tanks cleaned along with the sewer hose. The gas and propane tanks should also be filled or replaced. Always have a professional take the time to check the coolant system, generator, and oil, too. If your ride has a rubber roof, take the time once a year to have it checked and resealed.

Costs for RV services usually start around $130 an hour for labor, and you can expect parts to be extra. For example, each tire for a full motorhome is likely to cost about $300. Some companies may also ask for upfront deposits prior to doing service on a vehicle, and they'll usually apply the deposit toward the final cost of the work.

Do They Service Your Brand?

There are plenty of branded systems in modern RVs, so it's good to learn in advance whether the technicians handling a job will be familiar with your specific set up. Don't hesitate to directly ask about the issues your make of RV often has, and do not assume that a location that claims to handle all brands can actually do the job.

What Are Their Qualifications?

The main certifying body in the business is the RV Industry Association, and they offer certifications for a variety of skills to work on motorhomes. In the majority of states, licensing requirements for RV services providers are handled through the automotive repair licensing regime. The shop may also have to acquire separate state licenses in order to handle inspections and emissions testing.

Will They Do Warranty Repairs?

If your ride is still under warranty, you'll want to confirm that you can have warranty repairs performed by the shop in question prior to dropping your vehicle off. Speak with the original manufacturer that offered the warranty to confirm where you can take your RV to have it fixed.