Transmission Trouble? Early Signs Of A Developing Problem That Drivers Should Never Ignore

Next to the engine, the transmission of the average automobile is one of the most expensive components to repair. When a total failure occurs, current costs to rebuild an automatic transmission or purchase and install a new one are estimated to be as much as $6,000. If the vehicle is several years old, repairing a failed transmission may cost more than the vehicle's market value. 

When the transmission problem is noticed early, before complete failure occurs, however, the cost to repair it is often much more reasonable. Drivers who want to have the advantage of noticing a developing transmission problem before total failure occurs should learn to be observant for the following signs. 

Dashboard warnings

If the car you are driving is a newer model that is equipped with a sensor system, the first sign of transmission trouble is often the illumination of the "check engine light" on the dashboard. Drivers who see this warning sign should always have the car checked immediately to determine the cause of the trouble and get it fixed before it worsens. 

Increased fluid usage

Failed transmission lines and seals are common causes of fluid leakage issues in vehicle transmissions. Since a transmission must have fluid to create the pressure needed to shift correctly and lubricate the bearings, seals, and other components, a leak can quickly cause expensive damage to occur. In addition to watching for dashboard warnings of low transmission fluid, drivers who want to avoid transmission failure should check their car's fluid level frequently. Transmission fluid and the filter should also be changed regularly, per the manufacturer's instructions, to remove dirt, metal shavings, and debris that could cause internal wear. 

Noise, vibration, and hesitation

Drivers who begin to notice that changing gears results in noisy operation, noticeable vibrations, or hesitation in performance are seeing some of the most common signs that a serious transmission problem is developing. Many transmissions use a series of bands that can become stretched and worn, resulting in excessive noise or changes in the way the transmission engages. If ignored, this type of problem can quickly worsen and cause the car to fail to operate correctly in one or more gears. 

Your car's transmission converts the power created by the engine into the energy needed to turn the car's wheels, so keeping it healthy is critical. Drivers who are concerned about their car's transmission should visit a website like ACTIONTRANSMISSIONPROS.COM.