Glow And Go With Care Tips For Your Diesel-Powered Volkswagen

Are you the proud owner of a Volkswagen with a TDI, or diesel-powered engine? Perhaps you are considering the purchase of a diesel-fueled Volkswagen. If so, you are in for a treat. Diesel-powered cars are known for their durability, long-lasting lifespan, and incredible miles per gallon. However, caring for a diesel-powered car is far different from that of a traditional car that takes standard gasoline. Care tips for your car's glow plugs can help you ensure that your Volkswagen runs at its best.

Glow Plugs vs. Spark Plugs

First, it is important to note that a diesel car does not contain traditional spark plugs. Instead, the diesel engine contains glow plugs. Spark plugs assist with a traditional engine's ignition process. Afterward, the spark plug stays in use with each engine stroke. A glow plug, on the other hand, is only necessary for the ignition process and only a cold start at that.

For example, engines that sit overnight or cars subjected to cold temperatures mean that the engine gets cold. The glow plugs can heat up to approximately 2,000 degrees in just 5-15 seconds, which then allows you to start your engine. Once you ignite the vehicle, the glow plug turns off. Because it is not in constant use while the motor is running, you do not have to replace glow plus as frequently. However, understanding when it is time to replace your glow plugs can assist you in providing proper care for your car.

When to Replace Glow Plugs

There are different ways you can tell if your Volkswagen's TDI engine needs new glow plugs. For starters, check the dashboard for indicator lights. LED lights found on your dashboard will alert you if there is anything wrong with your vehicle, including issues with the glow plugs. Another indicator is often when your vehicle has a hard time starting. If the glow plugs are not providing proper combustion, the engine will fuel will fail to ignite.

Also, pay attention to how your car runs. Like bad spark plugs, your vehicle's engine will misfire if there is something wrong with the glow plugs. Listen to the engine when you shift gears. If you hear a misfire, it is possible that you need a new set of glow plugs. If a glow plug disconnects, diesel fuel may leak into the exhaust manifold and cause the exhaust to blow white smoke, which is yet another indicator.

If you notice any issues that may potentially relate to your Volkswagen's glow plugs, contact a diesel mechanic like Truckwurx near you. As the owner of a diesel car, only a qualified diesel mechanic can perform work on your vehicle and provide safe, accurate results.