A Guide To Caring For Your Automobile AC

To be certain that you are able to keep your automobile's air conditioner running and thriving, you need to give yourself the chance to take care of your system and maintain the vehicle. When summer heat is at its worst, you need to keep everyone in your car comfortable and safe by maintaining the system. To learn how to fix a broken auto AC and get repairs that you need, read the tips below and get in touch with a shop that can assist you.

5 Reasons Not To DIY Your Auto Tinting

Tinted windows are becoming the norm. In fact, you might find it harder to find a car without tinted windows on the road in some locations. While the temptation to DIY that window tinting may be strong, it is important to remember that tinting can be a nightmare if performed incorrectly. Unprofessional tinting can lead to lifting, bubbling, and other issues. Here are five more reasons you should consider taking your car to a professional for tinting services:

How Long Do I Have Before The Check Oil Light Becomes Urgent?

Your oil maintenance light may pop up when you least expect it, and sometimes, that's not a convenient time in your life. So it's always good to know whether you need to drop everything to run to the auto service shop or if you can safely ignore it for now. Hint: you likely have some time. Oil Change Times Are a Suggestion The mechanic will program your return to an auto repair shop based on the recommended range for your manufacturer.

Three Reasons To Keep The Original Paint On Your Car When Repairing Hail Damage

Hail can do extreme damage to your vehicle if it's left parked out on the street or if you end up driving through a hail storm. Unfortunately, for this reason, many car owners have to take their vehicles in for hail damage repair once this happens. Typically, hail does so much damage that is ends up scratching the vehicle or leaving dents that can do damage to the paint when they are repaired.

Signs You Need To Change Your Transmission Filter

Your vehicle's transmission filter is designed to keep dirt, oil and other contaminants out of your transmission fluid. Over time, as it collects more and more debris, your transmission filter will become clogged and will no longer be able to perform its job correctly, which can have a number of implications on the overall performance of your car. Understanding the warning signs associated with a clogged transmission filter can help you determine when it's time to head to a mechanic to have it replaced before it becomes a serious problem.