Repairing And Rebuilding Your Compact Diesel Motor For More Performance: 4 Tips To Build A Diesel Sleeper

If you have a compact car with a diesel engine, there are a lot of things that you can do to get more power out of your motor. Rather than just repairing the motor, rebuild it and make improvements that give it more power. These improvements will help you create the perfect diesel sleeper to surprise people on race weekends: 1. Replacing the Cam and Doing All the Right Top-End Engine Improvements

IRP Apportioned: What It Is, What States Participate, And Why You May Want These Plates

IRP stands for International Registration Plan. IRP Apportioned plates are special licensed plates granted to commercial trucking companies that conduct interstate and international shipping (i.e., business with Mexico and Canada). You cannot simply get these plates when you register a truck in your fleet for operation on state roads. There is a process, and there are states that may or may not participate in this program. There are also reasons why you may want to get these plates for all of your trucks.

Glow And Go With Care Tips For Your Diesel-Powered Volkswagen

Are you the proud owner of a Volkswagen with a TDI, or diesel-powered engine? Perhaps you are considering the purchase of a diesel-fueled Volkswagen. If so, you are in for a treat. Diesel-powered cars are known for their durability, long-lasting lifespan, and incredible miles per gallon. However, caring for a diesel-powered car is far different from that of a traditional car that takes standard gasoline. Care tips for your car's glow plugs can help you ensure that your Volkswagen runs at its best.

Spitting And Sputtering? Misfires And Their Causes

Misfires are one of the most annoying and difficult-to-diagnose problems that can afflict a vehicle. From the perspective of the driver, a misfire often feels like the engine is stuttering or hesitating, and a car that is misfiring consistently will usually have major drivability issues. Although a single misfire is usually not enough to trigger your car's check engine light, repeated misfires will cause the computer to store a confirmed code and turn the light on.

Understanding The Lights On Your Dash

One of the most common reasons for most people to take a trip to the mechanic is the sudden illumination of a dash light. Modern cars have a huge number of possible warning lights, and depending on the equipment on your particular vehicle, you may have some or all of the ones described in this article. While every light on your dash is trying to tell you something important, some only illuminate for more urgent problems than others.