Transmission Trouble? Early Signs Of A Developing Problem That Drivers Should Never Ignore

Next to the engine, the transmission of the average automobile is one of the most expensive components to repair. When a total failure occurs, current costs to rebuild an automatic transmission or purchase and install a new one are estimated to be as much as $6,000. If the vehicle is several years old, repairing a failed transmission may cost more than the vehicle's market value.  When the transmission problem is noticed early, before complete failure occurs, however, the cost to repair it is often much more reasonable.

Questions to Ask When You Call an RV Service

Whether you're at home preparing for a trip or out on the road, knowing that you can turn to an RV service for help maintaining your vehicle is important. Depending upon where you're at, though, you may not have an established relationship with the technicians at a shop. When you're looking around for help, these four questions should be on your mind. What Services Are Provided? Especially when prepping a recreational vehicle (RV) for a long road trip, there are a number of systems you'll want to have serviced.

4 Seasonal Ways To Take Care Of Your Vehicle

At least once every season, four times a year, you need to make sure that you take some time to pay attention to the little details on your vehicle. It is smart to make sure that your vehicle is working properly, which requires looking at the little details that often get overlooked. This might include replacing the wiper blades, checking the lights, inspecting the battery, and detailing the inside of your car.

3 Reasons Why You Should Always Have At Least One Backup Auto Repair Shop

Most people are loyal to one auto repair shop, and that is great. That is the shop you trust the most, feel the most comfortable taking your vehicle to, and recommend to others. However, you should really consider having at least one backup repair shop you can go to when your favorite repair shop is unavailable. Here are some valid reasons for your consideration. 1. Your Primary Choice of Auto Shops Is Busy for Weeks

4 Ways A DPF Delete Can Benefit Your Vehicle

If you own a 2007 or newer diesel truck, then chances are it's equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter. Mandated for use in modern diesel vehicles to reduce particulate emissions, DPFs have earned the scorn of performance enthusiasts and ordinary truck owners alike for various reasons. Some have even gone as far as completely removing the DPF system from their vehicles. DPF deletions are a popular alternative to maintaining troublesome DPF systems.