What The Recent Emissions Crisis Means For Your Diesel Volkswagen

You've probably heard about the scandal surrounding Volkswagen's recent line of diesel vehicles, culminating in the German automaker potentially recalling over 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide due to emissions irregularities. This also includes over 482,000 vehicles in the U.S., according to Consumer Reports. If you happen to own a diesel-powered Volkswagen, then you're probably wondering how all of this affects you and your vehicle. The following explores the impact of the recall in detail, along with some helpful tips and advice for handling the upcoming recall.

How Can You Know When A Used RV Is A Good Buy?

Whether you've planned for years to use a recreational vehicle (RV) to travel the country in retirement, or are simply looking at an RV as a way to create memories with your young children during family vacations, you may be wondering where to begin the shopping process. While used RVs are available at a much lower cost than new ones, how can you be sure you're getting a good deal on a used vehicle?

How Can Technology Help You Reduce Car Repair Costs?

If the thought of an unexpected car repair makes your stomach sink, you're not alone -- the prospect of having to diagnose and pay for potentially expensive vehicle repairs can keep many auto owners locked into a pricey lease or extended warranty. However, as technology (including vehicle technology) continues to advance, auto owners are presented with more options than ever before to shop around for repair costs or even perform their own diagnostics.

3 Easy Car Maintenance Tips Every Driver Should Know

Knowing how to perform basic car maintenance tasks can save several trips to the mechanic. Here are three essential tips every driver should know. Cleaning Battery Terminals When the car won't start and the interior lights and headlights won't turn on, the first assumption that many drivers make is that they have a dead battery. In many cases, however, the problem may be much simpler. If the battery terminals are covered with corrosion, they will not be able to provide enough electricity to power the vehicle.