3 Important Measures to Take When Trying to Pass a Smog Test

An important inspection your vehicle will have to undergo is a smog test. It's designed to ensure your vehicle's emissions are safe and thus won't lead to air pollution. To pass these tests without any problems arising, you'll want to take these measures. 

Inspect the Check-Engine Light 

If your check-engine light is on, you won't get very far in the smog testing process. In fact, if this light is on or turns on when you have your vehicle inspected, it will automatically fail no matter how good of condition it's in.

As such, you need to address why this light keeps coming on. In most cases, you may just need to tighten a loose gas cap. Just to be sure, though, you'll want to invest in an automatic diagnostic tool. It will tell you exactly what part needs to be repaired or replaced to get the check-engine light to go off.

Change Dirty or Old Oil 

If your vehicle has dirty or old oil, more pollutants may disperse while your vehicle is running. In most cases, this will lead to a smog test failure. You can avoid such a fate by simply changing your oil before going in for this test.

After placing a large container below the oil cap, remove the cap to completely flush the dirty or contaminated oil. Once it stops dripping, secure the cap back in place and funnel new oil into the oil reservoir. Make sure you select an oil that's recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer, for optimal engine performance.

Warm Your Vehicle Up 

So that there aren't any oil or gas residues left over that could cause a smog test failure, you need to warm your vehicle up. Doing so helps the catalytic converter burn away these unwanted residues and prevents toxic emissions from occurring during your inspection.

A couple of weeks out, be sure to drive your vehicle at highway speeds. This allows the catalytic converter to work at an optimal rate. You should also take a drive 30 minutes prior to your smog test, so that you can ensure your engine has proper combustion. 

The last thing you want happening to your vehicle is for it to malfunction and fail a smog test. You can avoid such a catastrophe by following the right maintenance protocol, weeks before you take your vehicle in for the smog test. Your vehicle will then perform effectively and safely, making the smog test easier to pass. To learn more, contact companies such as Smog King.